Dr Mom Slimline LED Pocket Otoscope

Dr Mom Slimline LED Pocket OtoscopeThose that want to buy an affordable otoscope, and want to maximize their purchase, will find this Dr Mom slimline LED pocket otoscope quite appealing.  Being an affordable medical instrument, this specific model is quite popular among parents and is a great addition to existing home medical diagnostic equipment found in most households.

Price is the primary appeal of this otoscope for home users.  For around $30.00, this third generation Dr Mom LED otoscope is the most affordable model presently on the market.  Although the clarity of scope does not match professional grade models, this slimline otoscope is ideal for occasional use by parents and other caregivers at home.

Because this third generation Dr Mom otoscope utilizes a LED light bulb, the bulb will last a very long time with the proper care and battery life is greatly enhanced.  Those familiar with replacing otoscope light bulbs understand how cumbersome the process can be, and having an extended life LED light bulb should be an important part of any consumer purchasing decision.

The Dr Mom Slimline LED Pocket Otoscope Includes:

Detailed Instructions
2.5mm Infant Reusable Specula
3mm Child Reusable Specula
4mm Adult Reusable Specula
Accepts Disposable Specula (Not Included)
Two AAA Batteries
Otoscope Pocket Clip
Web Link Access for Comparison Diagnostic Imagery (Helpful for Diagnosing)

Additional Notes:

The Dr Mom slimline LED pocket otoscope is an ideal entry level otoscope for use at home.  This otoscope does have a smaller viewing window as compared to professional grade models.  However, the viewing window and clarity are sufficient for most people to get a clear view of the middle and outer ear of most infants, children and adults.

As with any otoscope, it is important to fully understand the examination procedure.  Most qualified health care providers will take the time to show you how to use this medical instrument properly.  It is advised that you take your Dr Mom slimline LED pocket otoscope with you to your next medical appointment and seek appropriate instructions directly from your physician.

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