ADC 5215 Otoscope and Ophthalmoscope Instrument Set

ADC 5215 Otoscope and Ophthalmoscope Instrument SetWhen it comes to home medical instruments, American Diagnostic Corporation is a trusted manufacturer of many different devices including otoscopes.  The ADC 5215 is a top otoscope and ophthalmoscope instrument set for use at home.  Because this is a complete otoscope kit, this device is ideal for inspecting the ears, nose and throat.  Whether you are a parent or professional caregiver, this is one of the best combined otoscope values you will find.

Overall, consumers have given the ADC 5215 good ratings.  Although this instrument set is not rated as high as models used in professional medical offices, this otoscope and opthalmoscope instrument set does perform its needed functions quite effectively.  And the best part is that this set is both affordable and includes a storage case to protect the instruments when not in use.

The ADC 5215 Otoscope and Ophthalmoscope Instrument Set Includes:
Nasal Specula Attachment
Bent Arm Illuminator
Tongue Depressors and Mirrors

Additional Features:
Bayonette mount makes changing instrument heads very easy.
A special adapter allows use of Welch Allyn disposable specula.
Opthalmoscope features 25 viewing lenses from -20 to +20 diopters.

This is an excellent “middle of the road” instrument set for those that need an otoscope.  When the other instruments are bundled together in this set, consumers realize greater savings.

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